Sara and Hannah

I’ve been taking Hannah swimming since she was 9 weeks old, once she had had all her jabs. Her swimming pants were nearly bigger than she was, they were up under her armpits and she looked like she’d been taking fashion advice from Simon Cowell! (see attached photo) Neil and I are both very confident swimmers and it’s important to us that Hannah is confident and safe around the water, even if she turns out to be rubbish at swimming, so we decided to start her young. Thanks to some fabulous teaching she has been able to hold on the the side on her own for a quite a few seconds since she was about 9 months and is confident at being underwater and can kick herself to the surface. She even managed a ‘2 foot swim to mummy with arm floats’ at only a year old. After some research we chose to go to a ‘Birthlight’ Baby Swimming Class which is method of teaching that primarily promotes safety and confidence in the water. Of course there have been tantrums, mostly when she has been too tired or teething. There were also some bumpy phases when she was learning to crawl and walk but these pass. The most important thing is that I remain calm and relaxed in the water and if the class is getting all too much for her I just take her to one side and we just cuddle or splash in the water.